News - May 2015

Read the Latest Study on Headshaking for FREE
Veronica Robert's article covering the latest research conducted into trigeminal-mediated headshaking has been selected to appear on Equine Veterinary Journal’s Early View section this month, and as a result is FREE to read for 8-10 weeks. New treatment offers hope for headshaking in horses At present there are no consistently safe and effective methods for the treatment of... more
Rabbit Awareness Week
It's Rabbit Awareness Week (9-17th May). To mark the occasion here are some tips on Rabbit Health Husbandry. Rabbits are more likely to struggle in hot weather than cold.   Make sure your rabbit always has shade, whether in the hutch, run or free roaming.   A bottle of water, a house brick or tile that has been frozen provides a rabbit with something cool to lie... more
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