News - April 2015

Proud to Support the 99 Lives Cat Initiative
What is the 99 Lives Cat Initiative? This project aims to sequence the complete genomes of at least 99 cats to find new mutations responsible for diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Over 50 cats have already had their genomes sequenced! Who is running the Initiative? The 99 Lives Cat Initiative is coordinated by the Feline Genetics Laboratory of Prof. Leslie Lyons at the... more
When puppies are a surprise!
A lot of people choose surgical neutering for dogs and bitches as a reliable method of breeding control, and many vets will carry out the surgery at six months of age. In March, we saw a Pug called Cooper whose owners were concerned she was growing fat. Her owners had planned on getting her neutered but time had passed quicker than expected and she was now eight months old. The owners had... more
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