News - June 2014

Pet Hero India
India is a young golden retriever recently rescued from the streets of an Eastern European country by a re-homing charity and brought back to the UK.  She had been spayed in her country of origin then vaccinated (including rabies) and brought to the UK in search of a loving home.  Fortunately she rapidly found a home although was very thin and sickly looking following her ordeal, and... more
Following owner feedback, we are pleased to announce that we are extending our consulting times at the Langford Small Animal Practice on a Tuesday.  From Tuesday 10th June we will be opening until the later time of 7pm!! Therefore our opening hours will now be: Monday 8.30-6.00pm Tuesday 8.30-7.00pm Wednesday 8.00-6.00pm Thursday 8.30-7.00pm Friday 8.30-6.00pm Saturday 9.00-... more
Langford Veterinary Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Bristol, is proud to announce that it has opened a new Small Animal Practice in Cardiff.  The opening marks the first new veterinary practice for the company outside of its main Langford site. The new team of local vets and nurses, led by Sylvia Annies, provides a wide range of services for pets from dogs and... more
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