Veronica Roberts

Veronica Roberts
Veronica Roberts

Veronica Roberts

Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine MA Cantab) VetMB MA(Oxon) PGCert(HE) DipECEIM MRCVS

RCVS and European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine

Veronica qualified from the University of Cambridge in 2003 having previously graduated from the University of Oxford. She has experience of working in a number of referral and university hospitals in the UK and Europe. Her clinical interests are in all aspects of equine medicine, and in particular headshaking. Her research in headshaking, funded by the British Neuropathological Society, The Langford Trust for Animal Health and Welfare and BOVA UK Ltd, working in conjunction with Algotec Research and Development UK Ltd, has led to the use of EquiPENS™ treatment for trigeminally-mediated headshakers.

Veronica’s headshaking research is world leading, she has published ten peer-reviewed papers as well as numerous book chapters and magazine articles. Veronica continues her work to develop safe and effective treatment for trigeminally-mediated headshakers. Veronica’s passion for horses goes beyond her veterinary work. She has also competed at Advanced Medium in dressage and trained her own horses. 

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Scientific Publications


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Articles for Referring Vets

Smith S., Roberts V. (2018) Neurological diseases: current threats and diagnostic options. Vet Times 

Donoho E. (2019) Headshaking - H&H busts the myths. Horse and hound.