Headshaking Referrals

Headshaking Referrals


Here at Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital we offer an extensive work up for any horse referred for headshaking. Our team will work closely with the client during an in-depth consultation to understand the detail of the situations in which headshaking occurs. They will then take each patient through an exam including a full head CT, dental work up, ophthalmological examination and upper respiratory and guttural pouch examination. This ensures that they are providing a full evaluation of all potential causes of headshaking.

Case Study: Rocky Back on Winning Form after Treatment for Trigeminal-mediated Headshaking

Our headshaking team consists of Veronica Roberts, Sarah Smith, Katya Potter and Vicky Savage

Veronica and the Langford Vets team, working alongside human neurosurgeons and neuropathologists from the University of Bristol pioneered EquiPENS™. EquiPENS™ is currently the most successful treatment available for headshaking. With research continuing we hope to develop further treatment options with higher success rates in a broader spectrum of cases, whilst maintaining safety. We are now training other vets worldwide in the use of the EquiPENS™ treatment and are continuing our research to help more horses with this condition. 

Our research into headshaking is led by Veronica Roberts, European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine. She is a world leader in this subject having written 10 peer reviewed articles and dedicated 14 years to this research and we are proud to say that her latest work has been published in the eminent Equine Veterinary Journal.

See her most recent paper which has been published in the world-leading Equine Veterinary Journal from BEVA: The safety and efficacy of neuromodulation using percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for the management of trigeminal-mediated headshaking in 168 horses

Veronica's Bio and more research papers

Veronica qualified from the University of Cambridge in 2003 having previously graduated from the University of Oxford. She has experience of working in a number of referral and university hospitals in the UK and Europe. Her clinical interests are in all aspects of equine medicine, and in particular headshaking. Her research in headshaking (funded by the British Neuropathological Society, The Langford Trust for Animal Health and Welfare and BOVA UK Ltd), working in conjunction with Algotec Research and Development UK Ltd, has led to the use of EquiPENS™ treatment for trigeminally-mediated headshakers. This treatment is currently the most successful treatment available for headshaking and with her ongoing research we hope to develop further treatments with even higher success rates in a broader spectrum of cases, whilst maintaining safety. Veronica is collaborating on her equine research work with a human neurosurgeon and neuropathologist from our faculty at the University of Bristol.

As well as having published peer reviewed articles, Veronica has written articles for Horse and Hound, Horse and Rider, Your Horse, In Practice and the Vet Times. She has also competed at Advanced Medium level dressage on her own horse. As a competitor herself Veronica is well placed to work with the competition horse owner in supporting headshaking horses. 

Here is an example of the behaviour that is typically seen in headshaking horses:

Meet The Team

Veronica Roberts - Senior Clinical Fellow in Equine Medicine

Sarah Smith - Equine Medicine Clinician

Katya Potter - Equine Medicine Clinician

Vicky Savage - Equine Medicine Clinician

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