Commercial Sheep

Commercial Sheep

Commercial Sheep

Our focus is both on emergency care of sheep, and on health planning for both milking and commercial flocks. We have extensive experience at diagnosing, managing and preventing diseases in sheep, and we want to help you minimise these to ensure maximum profitability.

Key areas of service include:

  • Yearly flock health planning
  • 24-hour emergency care, both on-farm or at Langford Vets: this includes peri-parturient diseases
  • Disease prevention and surveillance: this includes vaccination reminders and blood testing for MV and EAE
  • Disease outbreak investigation, including on-farm post mortem
  • Quarantine protocols for bought in animals
  • Ram breeding soundness exams, including semen analysis
  • Foot care treatment and advice on how to prevent lameness
  • Tailored parasite control plan, including same day faecal egg count results (if submitted before midday)
  • Ram vasectomy
  • Referral to Langford Vets for 24/7 care of high value animals and those that require complicated surgical procedures

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