Camelid Plasma Collection

Camelid Plasma Collection

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer a full Camelid Plasma Collection and processing service. We are happy to carry out the whole process, from blood collection to the spinning down and collection of the plasma. All processed plasma will be collected in sterile bags to ensure it poses no risk to your crias when used.

Our experienced vets are able to visit you to collect blood from suitable donors, or with prior arrangement we have the facilities for you to bring your camelids to us. The plasma is then drawn from each bag of centrifuged blood in a sterile manner and frozen to be used when needed. It is recommended that you always have plasma is stock for treating suspected or confirmed failure of passive transfer in crias.






If you would prefer, your own vet can collect the blood, in appropriate collection bags – you can buy these from us (£22.15 + VAT), and bring the bags to us for same day processing and collection.

Our price list is as follows:

1 - 5 bags = £100 per bag

6 – 10 bags = £85 per bag

11 – 15 bags = £80 per bag

16+ bags = £75 per bag

We would expect to harvest two bags of plasma from each blood bag but this will vary per individual.

If you are interested or require any further information please contact us on 01934 852650 or


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