Camelid Plasma Collection

Camelid Plasma Collection

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer a full Camelid Plasma Collection and processing service. We are happy to carry out the whole process, from blood collection to the spinning down and collection of the plasma. All processed plasma will be collected in sterile bags to ensure it poses no risk to your crias when used.

Our experienced vets are able to visit you to collect blood from suitable donors, or with prior arrangement we have the facilities for you to bring your camelids to us. The plasma is then drawn from each bag of centrifuged blood in a sterile manner and frozen to be used when needed. It is recommended that you always have plasma is stock for treating suspected or confirmed failure of passive transfer in crias.






What to expect as an owner

This information is intended to give you, as the owner, an idea of what to expect from a vet visit to collect blood from your alpacas and what you can do in advance and during the visit to maximise the success of the blood collection, and to make it a stress-free as possible experience for all involved!

Before the visit:

Select large, healthy, non-pregnant animals for donation with condition score > 2.5/5.0 (>5/10).

Ideally these animals would be of a calm temperament and halter trained or well behaved when held.

The donors may need large areas of fibre to be clipped from their neck, ensure this does not affect plans for showing etc.

These animals should be up-to-date with clostridial disease vaccines (within 6 months) and, ideally have been boostered 3 weeks prior to blood donation.

Please select more animals as potential donors than you need; it is not uncommon for a donation to be unsuccessful. Remember that each donation from one animal should harvest 2 bags of plasma. Having at least 2 ‘reserve’ animals is suggested.

On the day of the collection the donor animals should be collected into a secure pen, ideally under cover in case of rain.

The animals should be kept as calm as possible in the run-up to donation

It is likely that the vet will sedate the donor to improve the chances of a successful collection; in some cases this may cause the animal to try to cush. Having a small bale of hay to slide under the alpaca to keep them off the floor helps to keep the blood flowing by gravity into the collection bags.

Please have at least one person available to restrain the animals during the donation, an alpaca crush is also helpful. They will need to be held as still as possible with their head up.

Please be aware:

The blood is collected into a bag which contains anti-coagulant. In order to process the blood the correct ratio of blood: coagulant is needed in the bag. If the blood flow stops during a collection or the alpaca moves too much and the needle comes out of the vein before the minimal volume of blood (450mls) has been collected, we will not be able to process that blood but you will still be charged for the blood collection bag.

While we take all steps to ensure a successful collection is made from every donor it is likely that some donations will fail. This is why we ask for extra animals to be available for donation.

After donation please monitor the donors carefully for any signs of weakness or dullness and be aware to look for signs of swelling / infection at the injection site in the neck. Call your vet if you have any concerns about an animal after donation.


Alpaca Plasma collection and processing charges

It is also possible for you to bring your alpacas to us for blood collection, this will not incur a call out fee. You will be required to wait while the blood is collected and monitored for 15 mins after before taking the alpacas home again.

Bags of plasma will then be frozen and available for collection, it is also possible for us to arrange courier delivery for a fee. Please speak to us in advance if you require couriered delivery.

If you are interested or require any further information please contact us on 01934 852650 or


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