We cater specifically for small holders and keepers of backyard herds and flocks, providing advice matching to your level of experience.  

We advise on keeping your animals healthy, so on-going discussions on vaccination, worming, foot trimming and other preventative measures are essential.

Referral Service


Clinical services

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent clinical service whether your need a routine visit or need to call on our 24 hour emergency cover.  We have state of the art laboratory and diagnostic facilities on site, allowing us to get to the bottom of cases rapidly, alongside specialist anaesthetists, medics and surgeons also on site.




Small holders club

Our small holders club provides a series of regular evening talks on topics of current interest.

Recent meetings have covered; parasite control in camelids, common problems in backyard poultry and DIY worm egg counting.  We are always looking for topics of importance to you, so let us know if there is something you would like covered. 

New members are always welcome, even if you don’t use us as practice at present.