Small Ruminants

Our focus is on flock health planning, with the emphasis on maximising production and profitability, while controlling disease. 

We have extensive experience at diagnosing, managing and preventing complicated disease problems in small ruminants.  Whether it is a nutritional problem in a dairy goat herd, an intractable sheep lameness problem, worming treatment failures due to anthelmintic resistance or high lamb mortality rates, we have the personnel and facilities to help. 

Our labs and post mortem room provide us with rapid on site diagnostics. If you would like to find out what we could offer your flock or herd please do not hesitate to contact us!

Referral Service


Sheep after Caesarian

Small Ruminant Medicine and Surgery

Langford farm animal practice and its vets have a keen interest in sheep and goats.

Besides assisting with lambings, kiddings and sick animals we take a proactive approach helping you to set up a tailored preventative flock or herd health plan.  We provide a 24 hour emergency service.



Flock and herd health planning

To maximise herd or flock production, disease control and prevention is key.  A useful tool can be a preventative flock or herd health plan.  These plans are tailor made to your farm, taking in to account lambing periods, housing, grazing and genetics and the specific health risks to your farm.   Areas covered include:

- A farm specific parasite control plan based on pasture usage, worm egg counts (we offer DIY courses so you can do those yourself!), known resistance problems and lamb finishing data.
- Reproductive management and breeding calendars.
- Lameness action plan.
- Herd / Flock level disease (e.g. Abortions).




Contract Service Packages

To make to most use of the knowledge and expertise of our vets we offer contract service packages that consist of regular visits with the same vet who gets to know the farm and issues.  These are available for both the commercial clients and small holders. These packages include:

2 or 4 visits a year on strategic times of the year:
Pre tupping
Pre lambing
Post lambing

A tailor made flock or herd health plan (see above).

Reduced rate for farming essentials training courses.