Dairy Farmers

At Langford Farm Animal Practice we are dedicated to farm animal health, welfare and production. 

We take a proactive approach; monitoring, anticipating, tackling and preventing problems infectious disease can have, such as lameness, suboptimal fertility, mastitis and nutritional problems, as early as possible.  We are committed to building long term partnerships with our clients, working as a team towards healthy animals and profitable farms, finding practical solutions together that really make a difference. 

We aim to reduce the reliance of our herds on antimicrobials by making sure that robust control programmes are in place; implemented, monitored and shown to be effective.  Our dedication to excellence in herd and flock health management is equalled by our commitment to providing the highest standards of individual animal care; all day, every day.


Contract Service Packages

 Are available on a per cow per year basis.  These popular packages are bespoke - targeted to the needs and requirements of your herd and represent excellent value for money. 

The emphasis is on providing a high quality clinical veterinary and health planning service in addition to competitive medicines prices.   Examples are shown below:



Contract Service Packages

Fertility Package – Including fortnightly routine fertility visits, herd health planning and regular performance analysis and review.

Lameness Package – Including implementation of the DairyCo Healthy Feet Programme, lame cow treatments, quarterly mobility scoring and analysis and a lameness consultancy and advice service.

Clinical Mastitis and Cell Counting Package – Including mastitis consultancy and advice, implementation and maintenance of the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan, bacteriology and the optional somatic cell counting service in conjunction with QMMS.

Nutrition Package – Including nutritional consultancy and advice, ration assessment, metabolic profiling and body condition scoring and analysis.

Herd Health Planning

We believe that herd health planning should be more than just an annual box ticking exercise to satisfy farm assurance requirements.  It describes the dynamic cycle of on-going monitoring, action planning, implementing change and reviewing its impact that underpins the proactive involvement of vets on farms, working in partnership with farmers to improve the health, welfare and productivity of their herds and flocks.

The key is to anticipate and identify problems at an early stage so that they can be prevented.  This is the ethos of the practice and we believe the future of farm animal veterinary work.

For this to happen, regular veterinary involvement and continuous monitoring is essential, when the dynamics of dairy herds can change rapidly with potentially long reaching impact.





Sound nutritional management underpins all aspects of dairy herd management and essential for optimising fertility, maximising production and maintaining health. 

We are regularly involved in the management of feeding programmes in our dairy herds, working closely in partnership with dairy nutritionists. 

We are happy to troubleshoot nutritional problems, alongside contributing to routine monitoring through forage evaluation and ration assessment, body condition scoring, metabolic profiling and milk constituent analysis.





Clinical Cases

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent clinical service whether your need a routine visit or need to call on our 24 hour emergency cover. 

We have state of the art laboratory and diagnostic facilities on site, allowing us to get to the bottom of cases rapidly and enabling cost-effective decision making on treatments.





Good fertility underpins profitable dairy farming.  Against a national backdrop of falling pregnancy and submission (heat detection) rates, our herds continue to buck the trend. 

Routine fertility visits backed up by diagnostic ultrasound come as standard, but to be truly effective this is broadened out from the focus on individual fertility examinations, to consider the fertility management and performance of the herd as a whole. 

We will help you to focus your priorities on the key areas that are of most importance on your farm at that time rather than taking a one size fits all approach.  Fertility patterns are constantly changing and so the priorities for management must do likewise.  At Langford farm animal practice we will make sure that this happens, maximising efficiency and return.





Mastitis and Somatic Cell Counting

The incidence of clinical mastitis in the UK remains between 40 and 70 cases per hundred cows per year.  Increasingly environmental organisms, like E. coli and S. uberis are identified as the major pathogens and the importance of the dry period is recognised in a holistic approach to mastitis control.

We have extensive experience of trouble-shooting both clinical mastitis and cell count problems in dairy herds, and advising on all aspects of mastitis prevention and udder health. 

We can carry out a full audit of the incidence and origin of mastitis on your unit, enabling you to prioritise your strategies for prevention.  We offer the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan and the regular review of mastitis and cell count patterns is an integral part of our herd health planning service.



Control of lameness must remain one of the four priorities for profitable dairy farming, alongside excellent nutrition, mastitis control and good fertility.  However, the true cost is often under-appreciated, because the lost potential production and decreased fertility remains unseen. 

The average cost of a sole ulcer is estimated at over £500 (Willshire and Bell, 2009).  Lameness is a herd level disease for which an effective, preventative programme is absolutely essential.  At Langford farm animal practice we are experienced at developing bespoke programmes, targeted to the changing needs of your herds.  We provide advice on all aspects of lameness control and prevention, and offer one to one foot trimming training, to help you get the best outcomes with the lame cows that you treat. 

Mobility scoring and the Dairy Co Health Feet Programme are available as standard.

Sole ulcerSole ulcer after treatment




Infectious Disease Control

We provide advice on robust infectious disease screening and control programmes targeted to the status and risks of your herd; whether your focus is on prevention, control and eradication, or CHeCS accreditation.  A preventative approach with the emphasis on biosecurity and vaccination is key.  

We believe in working constructively with farmers to help reduce the impact of bovine tuberculosis to their herds.