General Info for Vets

Langford Vets is pleased to announce that we now accept referrals of small ruminants and camelids to the Equine Centre. The medical and surgical specialists within the Equine Centre are specialised for large animals (not just horses) and able to provide referral level care for small ruminants and camelids with the support of the Farm Animal Practice vets.

Patients will be seen and cared for within the Equine Centre and communication with you as the referring vet will be a key ingredient in the successful care of these cases. Examples of cases that may be referred include (but are not limited to) urinary blockages in small ruminants (including surgery for urethrostomy/ cystotomy), cryptorchid surgery, umbilical hernia repair, fractured limbs, tooth problems, dystocias, neonatal issues, colic, or anaemia. We are also able to perform diagnostic imaging including radiography, ultrasound, CT and MRI as appropriate. Quotes for the price of care can be obtained by the telephone.

Alpacas who are showing signs that may be consistent with TB will not be able to be referred (coughing and weight loss) due to biosecurity concerns within the Equine Centre. Consultation by phone will enable those cases to be individually identified.

If you would like some advice or would like to refer a patient please contact the Equine Centre to speak to one of the specialists.