Beef Farmers

Langford Farm Animal Practice provides a comprehensive clinical and advisory service for beef producers.  Our ethos is to work with our clients in order to prevent production and disease losses in order to maximise gains on farm.




Our key areas of service include:

Fertility planning
Disease prevention and surveillance
Bull Management, fertility and obstetrics
Vaccination programmes
Foot care
Herd health schemes
Young stock advice
24 hour emergency care

We also have available full radiography and surgical capabilities on site for use when needed.   We can provide contract packages individually tailored to suit your means and or traditional payment per service.



Nutrition is a key component of meeting herd production and profitability goals for the beef cattle enterprises.  It is vital for fertility, cow and calf health, and growth of all classes of cattle. 

Nutrient requirements of cattle change throughout the year based upon stage of the production cycle, age, sex, breed, level of activity, worm load, and environment.

We can help monitor the nutritional performance of your herd through ration analysis, trace element analysis, and body condition scoring your herd.


Infectious disease control

Infectious disease can seriously impact the profitability of a beef enterprise. 

We can provide help and advice on a wide range of infectious diseases effecting fertility and performance of your herd.  Examples include;

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD)
Johnes Disease
Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR)
Bovine Respiratory Disease
Calf Scour

We can also provide health monitoring schemes such as Cattle Health Certification (CheCS) to allow you to market your stock your high health status.



It costs between £450 and £800 to keep a suckler cow for a year so it is essential to produce a viable calf every 365 days to deliver income which will cover this expenditure and produce a profit.

Maintaining high conception rates and keeping the calving to conception interval short is the key to productivity. 

We provides help and support to our beef clients to improve fertility through advice with planning of the breeding season, pre breeding examinations, pregnancy diagnosis, bull fertility assessments, and performance recording.





Genetic improvements are one way in which beef producers can enhance the performance of their herds.  It is vitally important to identify bulls and cows with superior genetic merit (breeding potential) in order to pass improvements to the next generation. 

Cattle can be chosen to breed earlier maturity and at heavier weights, or to make better herd replacements with easier calving scores and longevity. 

Assessing superior breeding potential by eye alone is difficult and gauging maternal traits impossible.  Estimating breeding values (EBVs) provide a comprehensive catalogue of what results a particular bull or dam can give and provide a more informed choice for the needs of the herd rather than taking a chance. 

We can provide help and advice with breeding programmes and when selecting new replacement stock.


Herd health planning

Here at Langford Farm Animal Practice we can provide herd health advice and reporting for your beef enterprise. 

Health planning is not about box ticking but about reducing losses from disease by improving management, implementing disease control measures such as vaccination, and preventing the entry of disease into your herd.  Identifying these costs and reducing them leads to better returns year on year.

We individually tailored planning to your farm's needs and will document and review the herd’s fertility, nutrition, vaccination policies, preventative treatments against internal and external parasites, biosecurity, and quarantine procedures for buying in new stock. 

We will monitor the health status of your herd and recommend cost-effective control measures for diseases that cannot be eradicated.