Telemedicine Information for Owners 

Langford Vets are working hard to maintain excellent clinical care for your horses and ponies whilst restricting movement of individuals and person to person interactions to an absolute minimum.

We have introduced Telemedicine consultations as a starting point for you and your horse. In some cases this consultation will be sufficient for our clinician to make treatment recommendations to you and your vet; in these cases your consultation will generate a full report sent to yourselves and your vet. We are happy to conduct telephone and video consultations (in some cases and for some of our services videos will be encouraged wherever possible).

Our clinician may decide that further investigations are vital, in these circumstances you will be invited to drop your horse off at Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital, for the agreed investigations. 

The cost of the telemedicine consult will be deducted from our normal consult fee if the horse subsequently attends Langford Vets for the same condition, even if this is after the current government restrictions are lifted.

Thank you very much for contacting Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital. We are working hard to continue to provide the very best in-patient care through this difficult time so please do bear with us as we set up new systems to ensure we are able to care for our patients and our staff.

For some handy hints to help you to help your vet when undertaking a telemedicine consult there are some videos from BEVA - The British Equine Veterinary Association covering trotting up, measuring breathing rate, laminitis and colic among other topics. 

Should you need to contact us please telephone 0117 394 0786 or email

Click here to see information about our Small Animal Hospital Telemedicine Service

After being referred to Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital we will begin the process with a telemedicine consult. 

We are conscious both of our duty of care to our patients as well as our team and our clients. As part of our social distancing measures we will be offering telephone or video (telemedicine) consults to all patients in the first instance. Working with your referring vet there are many instances where we can save a trip to our hospital and still ensure the patient care that Langford Vets are so proud to provide. 

After the telemedicine consult, if we feel it’s in the best interests of your horse to attend the hospital, we will of course deduct the value of the telemedicine consult from our usual consult price, ensuring that you do not pay more than if you had attended the hospital in the first place. 


  • Your horse’s local vet will refer you to our team 
  • Our receptionists will contact you to book a telemedicine appointment 
  • Our reception team will take payment over the phone at this point to help maximise the time the vets have available to you on the call 
  • You will receive an email from us advising you the name of the vet who will be performing your consultation, advising you of the time and, when appropriate sending you a link to Zoom to facilitate video calling (sometimes landline or mobile consultation will be fine) 
  • Zoom is an online platform that enables us to do video calling with you and your horse. It can work from mobile or your computer, whichever is easiest for you – step by step instructions can be found here 
  • On your Zoom meeting our vet will discuss your horses case with you and discuss the potential plan 
  • After the call you will receive an email with notes regarding the appointment and the plan going forwards- this email may take up to 72 hours to arrive 
  • This plan will be passed to your referring vet who can then prescribe any medicines for you 
  • Please contact your own vet to arrange collection of any required medicines or for additional appointments as advised 
  • After a telemedicine consult if we feel that it’s in your horse’s best interest to attend our Equine Referral Hospital we will advise you to this effect 
  • Our reception team will then call you to book a physical appointment  
  • We request that if you are self-isolating, or if you feel that you could pose an infection risk to our team you let our reception team know so that they can advise you accordingly  
  • We will send you a full welcome pack with all the information that you need to find us and attend on the day 

Equine Teleradiology Services

Equine Teleradiology Services

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