Imaging & Lameness

Imaging & Lameness

Imaging & Lameness Service

The Lameness and Imaging team excel at working up complex, subtle, multi limb or chronic lameness cases. We are able to utilise our soft and hard lunge surfaces, indoor school and a cutting-edge Lameness Locator to help inform our diagnosis. Our imaging equipment is second to none, and includes high-quality radiography, ultrasound, MRI, CT and gamma scintigraphy, most importantly we have an excellent team of professionals to handle your horse. Our expert Equine Hospital Assistants know what our team of vets are looking for, so they are able to facilitate the vets while keeping your horse calm and safe throughout. 

Our Specialists will take the time to talk you through the x-rays, CT or MRI scans and even send you copies to ensure you fully understand what is going on. They will also liaise with your own vet regarding treatment and management. It is well recognised that when a specific diagnosis for lameness is reached, the chance of returning to full work is much more favourable.  



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