Camelid & Small Ruminant Referrals

Camelid & Small Ruminant Referrals

Camelid & Small Ruminant Referrals

Our team of vets understand the specific needs of camelids, and are experienced in the care of small ruminants including goats. We provide both emergency care as well as elective referral services.

Our key areas of service include

Treatment of Urolithiasis (Urinary Stones)

Dental Issues

Treatment of unpacking problems / caesarian sections

Neonatal care

Lameness Investigations 

Investigation of weakness / weightloss

In order for your vet to refer a camelid to Langford Vets they can contact our Equine Referral Hospital, from which we operate the camelid and small ruminant referral service. 

 Reception:  0117 394 0786, then option 1

Camelids & Small Ruminants

Camelids & Small Ruminants

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