Soft Tissue Surgery

We have an experienced team of three American and European Diplomates available 24-7 at our state of the art Equine Hospital. Our surgeons work alongside our Specialist Anaesthetists to ensure your horse receives the highest and safest standard of care possible.

We undertake a range of elective and emergency surgical procedures, including colic surgery, wound reconstructions, reproductive and respiratory tract surgery, laparoscopic (keyhole) and laser procedures. We are able perform many procedures in the conscious horse under sedation and facilitated by nerve blocks. These include sinus surgery and laryngeal surgery using a diode laser.


Welcome to the Soft Tissue Surgery Service

Horses will normally be admitted for a consultation the day before any elective procedures to  appraise the  disease, to make appropriate treatment plans and to discuss this and costs with their owner.  

In most cases horses are hospitalised for 1-5 days post-operatively to ensure the highest level of post-operative care (although this is sometimes longer for complicated cases).

We have a list of general questions and answers in our General Info for Owners pages.


Case Study - 'Buddy'

Surgical Colic

Poor Buddy needed emergency surgery to treat a very nasty colic caused by two seperate obstructions to his large bowel. After surgical repair at our state of the art Referral Hospital, by our Specialist Soft Tissue surgeons, Buddy made a full recovery, as you can see (pictured).

''Hi to everyone over at Langford, hope you are all well and still being totally amazing, just thought I would send you a photo of Buddy starting his work again, he is a very fat and very happy horse now and that's all down to you guys, I can not thank you enough for saving him and am loving every minute with him. 

He has been a bit of a star the whole time he has been recovering and all the vets at Hale are super pleased with him and his scar.

Thank you again and I can't wait to get back on him now xxxxxx''