We welcome referrals of foals to Langford. We are fully equipped to cope with sick foals in our dedicated neonatal intensive care unit. Here we are able to keep the foal in sternal recumbency within a custom-built support in a warm and clean environment, separate but alongside the dam.

We are able to provide as required: 24 hour nursing; oxygen; blood pressure monitoring; inotrope and pressor support; partial parenteral nutrition and glycaemic regulation. Mechanical ventilation may be an option for a few foals.

We are always available by telephone to veterinary surgeons to answer your foal queries.

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Ozzy, one our successfully recovered foals


​Sepsis is the most common reason for hospitalisation and death of neonatal foals.

However there is a 70% survival rate with intensive care. Clinical signs may range from dullness and failure to thrive, to collapse.

Foals deteriorate very rapidly and usually speed of referral to intensive care has a very large impact on not only the likelihood of success, but the likely cost of intensive care.

Prevention is better than cure however, and we advise you take a SNAP IgG test from all foals at 12-24 hours after birth.