Equine x-ray dentistry


Dental problems are common and can often be present without a horse showing any clinical signs. It is important for your horse to have regular check-ups by your veterinary surgeon or qualified equine dental technician. If problems are found we have a team at Langford Vets waiting to help.

Our in-house RCVS Advanced Dental Vet is also a qualified Equine Dental Technician.  Many dental conditions can be treated as minor day case appointments; however some may require more involved surgery. Working as a team, including dental vets, Specialist surgeons and our Specialist in diagnostic imaging, we can offer a range of advanced treatments from minimally invasive extractions of diseased teeth to endodontic therapies (fillings) of horses’ teeth.

There is often cross over between dental disease and sinus disease. We are well equipped to perform sinoscopic examinations where required, often using CT images to give us detailed information about the disease processes that are present and their exact locations before we start the procedure.

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Our advanced diagnostic facilities, expertise and hospital back up facilities make us uniquely prepared to undertake all equine dental procedures.

Our class leading advanced referral services in equine dentistry include:

  • Oral extractions including sectioning and fragmentation
  • Surgical extractions including:
    • Minimally invasive buccotomy (MTE)
    • Minimally invasive repulsion (MIR) 
  • Endodontic therapies including treatment of dental fractures 
  • Occlusal restorations 
  • Advanced periodontics