Special Offers

Please find a list of our current special offers below for our Equine Referral Hospital. We hope you find them helpful.

To discuss these further with one of our practice vets or surgeons, or to utilise one of these special offers, please telephone our Equine Centre receptionists on 0117 394 0786 / 0787. 


Treatment of equine melanomas with Oncept® vaccine 

The Oncept® vaccine was developed to treat melanoma in dogs and offers a novel treatment for melanoma in horses, where other treatment options are unsuitable. It is a DNA-based vaccine that stimulates the body to produce an immune response to tyrosinase in melanoma cells. Preliminary results from use of the vaccine suggest that response to the vaccine is positive in some cases but unpredictable; some horses showed cessation of melanoma growth or even tumour shrinkage, however not all horses responded to treatment.

The vaccine is imported from the USA under a special treatment certificate which requires an initial patient assessment with a Medicine Specialist at Langford Vets. The vaccine is then administered at two-week intervals for four treatments and then six-monthly boosters; vaccination can be performed at home if the referring vet is happy to do so.

If you would like to discuss treatment with the vaccine or a case further please contact Veronica Roberts or Sarah at the Langford Vets Equine Centre.

Package price: £1,300 includes:

  • a consultation with both a Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine and a Specialist in Equine Surgery
  • a detailed report of the melanomas present
  • the first 4 vaccinations and the specific injector device.


Mobile Equine Gastroscopy 

Referring a horse for gastroscopy just got easier, Langford Vets Equine Centre can now come to you!

This includes a clinical examination and consultation with an Equine Internal Medicine specialist, sedation, gastroscopy and a full report.

If you wish to run a gastroscopy day for a few of your clients at once or if you have a large competition or race yard that would benefit, we are happy to see several horses at the same time at your clinic.

Offer price: £250 plus a visit fee (this includes sedation)

For 3+ horses the visit is FREE OF CHARGE.

For 5+ horses the fee is reduced to £220 plus the visit is FREE OF CHARGE.


Dynamic Endocrine Testing

Are you battling patients with recurrent laminitis or persistent obesity? These cases become harder to manage as spring and summer progress. Scientific research has shown that 89% of laminitic horses/ponies have endocrinopathic disease (PPID or EMS). Dynamic endocrine testing can lead to a diagnosis of endocrine disease when basal blood tests have been within normal limits, which allows development of an appropriate treatment plan.

Dynamic endocrine testing is simple, minimally invasive and can be completed as a day patient in the hospital, or for a group of patients on-yard (>3 horses/ponies). The results provide sufficient clinical information to ensure:

  • reliable diagnosis of endocrine disease
  • appropriate and effective treatment
  • monitoring progression. 

Dynamic Endocrine Testing package: £560, and includes:

  • Basal ACTH and TRH stimulation test (for PPID)
  • Oral sugar test (for insulin dysfunction)
  • Body condition score, weight and ultrasonographic measurement of subcutaneous fat depth
  • Foot balance radiographs, with measurements to guide remedial farriery
  • The test results will be used by our Equine Medicine Specialists to provide a tailor-made diet plan, management advice and medication if required. (Medications are not included as part of the package).

All tests are also available separately as required.



rig castration special offer

Headshaker investigation - £999

EquiPENS™ treatment package (includes 3x treatments) - £1,545

Veronica Roberts has conducted new research is in collaboration with the Neuroscience team at Southmead Hospital. They have been trying a treatment used in people for neuropathic pain on trigeminal-mediated headshakers. This is called neuromodulation, using Percutaneous Electrical Stimulation (PENS) therapy and it aims to re-set the threshold level for firing to normal. This involves placing a probe directly over the nerve and stimulating it for a set period of time.

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MRI examination

rig castration special offer

MRI examination - £800

We are pleased to offer a MRI examination (bilateral region of interest) excluding sedation at the special offer of £800 for one, or £1,200 for two front legs.