Post-mortem Services

  • Investigation of carcases
  • Disposal of carcases
  • Incineration and return of ashes (small animals)
  • Pathological reporting

Delivery of carcases (all species)

All PM submissions must be accepted by telephone (or other contact) prior to them being delivered for PME. 

We are only able to accept contact regarding our Post Mortem Service from a Registered Veterinary Practice.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0117 428 2581 or by email.

Our pathologist team for the companion animal post mortem service includes: Ross Harley and Jan Bradshaw.

The duty pathologist should be contacted in order to request a post-mortem examination (including cats, dogs, equids, lagomorphs and rodents). Please note that post-mortem examinations may only be requested by veterinary surgeons and not by animal owners. Carcases submitted on a Friday must be received by 3pm, otherwise they may not be examined until the following working day (Monday). If you wish to submit a companion animal carcase please contact us on 0117 428 2581.  

Charges (prices exclude VAT)

Post mortem (kitten, guinea pig, puppy) £155.00
Post mortem (small dog, cat, rabbit) £240.00
Post mortem (medium/large dog) £310.00
Post mortem (horse)  £775.00

Charges include histology and disposal of the body. 

Legal cases incur additional charges (on application). Storage of carcases for these purposes will be charged additionally at a rate of £10 per month. The onus is on the client to inform the Post-Mortem Room staff to dispose of carcases that are no longer needed.

Return of ashes

Ashes can be provided from small animals and, if required, MUST be requested at time of submission (please tick relevant box on submission form). The cost of individual cremation and return of ashes will depend on animal size and special delivery is an additional £20.  On request, ashes may also be returned from equine cases. Please Tel 0117 428 2581 for more information. 

Submission Form

Please complete and submit the form before the carcase is delivered for PME. Forms can be submitted by fax on 0117 928 9613 or by email.