Cinnamon coat colour

About the Colour

A mutation in the Brown gene (tyrosinase-related protein-1, TYRP1) results in the Cinnamon coat colour.

The bI allele produces a light brown or cinnamon colouration. The mutation is recessive, hence two copies of the bI allele are required for cinnamon colouration.



Interpretation of results

Test Result Interpretation
Cinnamon (bI/bI) Has two copies of the Cinnamon allele (bI/bI)
Cat is Cinnamon
Carrier of Cinnamon (B/bI or b/bI) Has one copy of the Cinnamon allele (B/bI or b/bI)
Full colour or possibly Chocolate if the cat also carries Chocolate
Does not carry Cinnamon (B/B, B/b or b/b) Has no copies of the Cinnamon allele (B/B, B/b or b/b)
Full colour or possibly Chocolate 



How do I test for Lilac in my British Shorthairs?

Lilac is the result of the Dilute gene working on the Chocolate or Chocolate and Cinnamon genes.

The results must be Chocolate (b/b) and Dilute (d/d) or Chocolate carrying Cinnamon (b/bI) and Dilute (d/d) for the British Shorthair to be Lilac.


The genetics of Chocolate, Cinnamon and Dilute colours

The Brown gene

The Brown gene has three alleles (B, b and bI), with B dominant to b, and b dominant to bI. When B is present (BB, Bb or BbI) the coat colour is its normal, full colour. If a cat is bb or bbI the brown is lightened to chocolate. When a cat is bI bI the colour is further lightened to cinnamon.

The Dilute gene

The Dilute gene has two alleles (D and d), with D dominant to d. When D is present (DD or Dd) the coat colour is not diluted. If a cat is dd the coat colour is diluted:

Black is diluted to Blue

Chocolate is diluted to Lilac

Cinnamon is diluted to Fawn

Red is diluted to Cream

Chocolate, Cinnamon and Dilute Colours

Chocolate/Cinnamon Dilute Coat colour
BB or Bb or BbI DD or Dd Black/Brown
BB or Bb or BbI dd Blue
bb or bbI DD or Dd Chocolate
bb or bbI dd Lilac
bIbI DD or Dd Cinnamon
bIbI dd Fawn


Further information

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