Agouti coat colour

About the Colour

A mutation in the Agouti gene (agouti signaling protein, ASIP) causes solid colouration of the hair shaft.

The wild-type allele (A) is dominant and produces hair shafts with alternating bands of black and yellow colouration. Two copies of the mutant allele (a) are required for non-agouti, solid colouration.

Bengal and Savannah catsour domestic cat Agouti genetic test also detects the rare A2 Agouti variant, which will be reported if found. We do not currently know what effect this mutation has on coat colour or where it originated.

Interpretation of results

Test Result Interpretation
Agouti (A/A) Has two copies of the Agouti gene (A/A). Cat will have agouti banded hair
Carrier of non-Agouti (A/a) Has one copy of the Agouti gene and one copy of the non-Agouti gene (A/a). Cat will have agouti banded hair
Non-Agouti (a/a) Has two copies of the non-Agouti gene (a/a). Cat will have solid colouration


Further information

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