How to swab your cat


For Owners/Breeders

1. The cat’s mouth should be free of food, therefore delay sampling for at least an hour after the cat has eaten.
2. Kittens can be tested from birth, but since they should be removed from the mother 30-60 minutes before sampling we recommend they are not tested until 2-3 weeks of age.
3. A cytobrush or cotton tipped swab is used. If using a Q-tip cut off one end and discard (do not touch the remaining cotton tip).
4. Insert the brush/cotton tip into the cat’s mouth between the cheek and gum.
5. Twist/rub the swab several times to collect the cheek cells.
6. Remove the swab from the cat’s mouth and replace in its plastic sleeve (use a separate envelope or plastic bag for each Q-tip).
7. Label the plastic sleeve, envelope or plastic bag with the cat’s name.
8. Complete the submission form and send us your samples.

Please note: The test is run on DNA extracted from the cheek cells, not on saliva. Failure to collect adequate cellular material on the swab will result in a failed genetic test result. The genetic test identifies if a sample fails, in such cases repeat sampling will be required.

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Alternatively you can use a cotton bud instead of a swab: