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  So Duke is now out and about and exploring the world for himself. He is enjoying lots of different walk; at parks, over fields and pavement walking to give him a nice variety. Sometimes he goes out with the other doggys so he can learn how to be a dog, exploring and sniffing the smells and meeting new dogs on his walks as well as seeing livestock from a safe... more
  Duke is continuing with his busy social lifestyle! It is so important while he’s young that he experiences as much as possible. He went back into school this week to listen to the children read and receive plenty of cuddles, which everyone clearly enjoyed. He shows great promise in becoming a ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog when he is older.  He also attended... more
  Well its been another busy week for Duke, socialising at this young age is so important and he’s been doing lots of this! He has visited Mary Elton Primary School in Clevedon and met the Year 2 children and teachers. He settled quietly with his teething chew and his special reading mat, while the children read him stories and told him about their day. He’s looking... more
This is Duke, he is now 9 weeks, Westie x Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy. He came from a lovely family home where both parents lived on the farm and so they had access to the outdoors and livestock and lots of farm machinery noises from the start. Since arriving with Sam, he’s had a busy week socialising and meeting lots of new people and animals. Duke is a very chilled puppy... more
New to Langford Vets | Cardiac Screening Clinics
Certain breeds of dog and cat are at higher risk of inherited heart disease. Langford Vets are now offering two screening clinics to help identify early heart disease in animals.   Pedigree heart testing clinic Our team of three Cardiology Diplomates are all accredited by the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society for screening, and we are an active centre for research into inherited... more
Tom Smith achieves VTS(ECC) status
Congratulations to ICU Nurse, Tom Smith who has passed his VTS(ECC) exam - meaning Langford Vets now has four nurses who have achieved the prestigious status of Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS). There are currently just 12 registered veterinary nurses in the UK currently holding the VTS(ECC) status. Becoming a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care VTS(... more
Langford Vets Farm Animal Practice made ground breaking changes in prescribing antibiotics in 2010, making prescribing more responsible and more sustainable, particularly by reducing the amount of antibiotics classed as ‘critically important to human health’ being used in animals. Since that time Langford Vets Farm Animal Practice has consistently and continuously focused on working... more
Langford Vets expands its ophthalmology service
Langford Vets is currently undergoing an exciting period of expansion and investment that combines Specialist expertise and state of the art facilities for the investigation, research and treatment of equine and companion animal eye disease. Further to the news of Claudia Hartley joining the Company earlier this year, the team has now expanded to include a second European Specialist in... more
Langford Vets develops new feline genetic test to identify British Shorthair ALPS
Our on-site Diagnostic Laboratories has developed a new Feline Genetic Test to quickly and accurately identify a recently discovered mutation found to cause Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome (ALPS) in British Shorthair cats. This test will help inform British Shorthair breeders to avoid affected kittens being born. What is British Shorthair Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome (ALPS)?... more
Plan ahead to reduce your pet's stress levels this fireworks season
Fireworks season is just around the corner. This can be a source of fear and distress for many animals. So we have put together a list of tips to help your pet cope throughout the fireworks season. Some animals can learn to be tolerant of firework noises but for many this season is a misery. By planning ahead there are a number of ways that you can help to prepare your pet and reduce their... more
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