Owners Talk - How to Identify and Address Fear and Anxiety in Pets

Fear and Anxiety Talk
Tue, 17/07/2018 - 19:00
Conference Room - Langford Vets
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Does your pet suffer from fear or anxiety in certain situations? Do they act out when meeting unfamiliar animals or people, when they hear a strange noise or perhaps when they are placed in a new environment? As owners, we may miss the signs of stress shown by our pets. As a result, their fear and anxiety levels can build, causing them to act out in various, often undesirable ways. 

Identifying and addressing the early signs of stress in our pets is important in helping us to deal with these potentially difficult situations. Moreover, it may also prevent any possible deterioration that could lead to aggression and reduced well-being. Early intervention can also increase safety for both us and our pets, as well as other people and animals. 

This FREE evening talk aims to give owners an understanding of how pets feel and communicate in stressful situations. In turn, this knowledge can help owners to avoid or manage those situations and establish safety for all involved.

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