Vet Day - Introduction to Ophthalmic Surgery

Wed, 25/04/2018 - 09:00
Training Room, PM Room, Large Clinical Skills Lab - Langford Vets
£450 (inc. VAT)

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Join us for a 'hands on' introduction to ophthalmic surgery. 

The day is a mix of lectures and practicals covering surgical decision-making and practical surgical techniques for commonly presented eye conditions. 

Topics include the surgical approach to eyelid disease, the surgical options for the non-healing ulcer and the surgical options for eye removal.


Lunch and refreshments included.

This day is kindly sponored by Kruuse


Course outline

1.       The surgical approach to eyelid disease

·         what surgical instruments should I keep in my ‘eye kit’?

·         surgical preparation and positioning

·         trichiasis – facial folds, dermoids and facial slip

·         entropion – when lids are too tight

·         ectropion – when lids are too long

·         entropion-ectropion complex – the diamond eye dilemma

·         eyelid masses – the small and the enormous

2.       The surgical options for the non-healing ulcer

·         Spontaneous Chronic Corneal Epithelial Defects (SCCED) vs the complicated ulcer

·         aetiopathogenesis and its impact on choice of surgical procedure

·         debridement, grid & punctate keratotomies, corneal burr procedures

3.       The surgical options for eye removal

·         dogs vs cats vs rabbits – the potential pitfalls of each

·         transconjunctival enucleation – pros and cons & how to do it

·         transpalpebral enucleation – pros and cons & how to do it





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